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* Charles and Tina Young are expectant grandparents for the third time!  Due date: December....Yea!


* Associate Pastor Charles Young anticipates completing requirements toward a Bachelors degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in December 2016.


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With reflections by pastor Earl E. Budlove in a
Church History, Second Baptist Church, Indianola, MS.

Charles Lindberg said, "We actually live today in our dreams of yesterday; and, living in these dreams, we dream again."
On Sunday, September 5, 1954 at the First Baptist Church of Indianola, the dream of Second Baptist Church met for the first time with thirty-one people making up her first Sunday School.
The dream of Second Baptist Church of Indianola grew as the faith and determination of her early membership grew. This faith and determination led the congregation of Second Baptist church to break ground for a new building  on October 11, 1954 and to begin the construction of a 30' by 40' frame building . It was this same faith and determination that led the congregation of Second Baptist Church to enlarge that building five times in ten years, and it was this faith and determination that  led the congregation of Second Baptist Church to begin construction of a new sanctuary on March 19, 1964.
The dream of Second Baptist Church of Indianola, and the faith and determination of her membership, is without doubt indebted to the group of God chosen and God called men who have served the church as pastor. James D. Watson, our first pastor, served the church from February 6, 1955 until October 15, 1956. Harold Savell served from March 24, 1957 until August 12, 1959. Robert Tucker served the church from October 4, 1959 until August 15, 1963. A. L. (Lavon) Hatten became our fourth pastor on September 4, 1963. Billy Smith served the church from October 2, 1967 until June 8, 1969. Donnie Stewart served the church from August 31, 1969 until September 1979. Billy Joe Beckett served the church from January, 1980 until December 31, 1986. On October 10, 1987 the church called Earl E. Budlove as the ninth pastor of the church. 
The current pastor, Roy Clark preached his trial sermon on August 17, 1997 and executed his first sermon as pastor of Second Baptist Church Indianola on September 14, 1997.
 Currently located in northern Indianola on Highway 448, SBCI has been seeking to better its community through the power of faith in God and displaying God's love by standing for righteousness, even at the expense of friends. We have sought to create a welcoming environment paired with a loving outreach ministry that welcomes all to come and share a true spirit of worship in a down-home environment. By being involved in our community we help our members of all backgrounds come together in faith and in everyday life.

SBCI's mission is to spread God's love within the immediate community. With a message of acceptance of all races and ethnicities, we seek to bring the community together under a common understanding of faith. We seek to enact community outreach programs demonstrating the love of our Lord and savior in our park ministry and our open air ministry at Snap Fitness. By doing this, we effectively build genuine relationships which aid our members and community just as we are taught to do in the scriptures, to live at peace with our fellowman.

By standing squarely within the intersection of faith and life, SBCI is able to provide its members a loving and relaxed worship and fellowship experience. We seek to provide a sanctuary for spiritual growth so that members gain a deeper intimacy with God and a stronger relationship with each other. SBCI's members and staff are here for each other in times of joy and times of sorrow. SBCI has suffered some devastating attacks of the enemy wreaking havoc among the membership and even the greater community. But God, who is able to do more with less than we can do with much continues to sustain by his power and his grace.

Come and experience God's love with us and allow SBCI to join with you in loving our community with the love of God by learning God's way as we search the Bible together.